Yet Another Way To Spend More Time With Your Kids With Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari On ZEE5

Get chatty and mythological with your kids and enjoy some family time by watching Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari on ZEE5.

Kids are stuck at home, thanks to the Coronavirus, the pandemic that has engulfed the entire world. If we’re bored sitting at home, imagine the condition of these little adrenaline junkies. We understand that keeping them busy inside the houses is one of the biggest challenges. But technology can make them forget the world outside. This time, let’s make the best use of this trick.

Watch the first episode of the show here:

The popular Zee TV show Paramavatar Shri Krishna was dubbed in Telugu as Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari, on Zee Telugu. The show was aired on in 2017 and made its way to the top of many charts. Now, it is available on ZEE5 to all its subscribers for free. Centred around Lord Krishna, the show is a beautiful journey of all the characters involved in Lord Krishna’s life.

Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari
Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari

The show begins much before the birth of Krishna. Hence, it sets a good and solid background for us to understand the time, setting and space of the story. It gives us a good look at characters like Devaki, Vasudev, Kans, Yashoda, Nanda and more. Right from their love stories, to the marriages, the curse and more are explored in the show.

Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari
Jaya Krishna Mukunda Murari

The show is a great way to keep the kids engaged and hooked. Moreover, they will also find a way to learn something new, something that the textbooks do not teach. And also, it is a great way to make them familiar with our epic Indian Mythology. At the same time, you can also spend quality time with them.

Check out all the episodes here.

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