Prema Entha Madhuram 25 June 2020 Written Update: Padma Gives Arya A Shock

In the latest episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya feels shocked when Padma talks about Anu's marriage to Sampath. Read the full update here.

Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram

Earlier in Prema Entha Madhuram, Padma gives the basket to Arya (Sriram Venkat) and tells him about its contents. She invites him home for dinner and Arya agrees to join them. Further, she asks if Anu could come home early since she would need help in preparing dinner. Anu (Harsha) scolds her mother for talking in a friendly manner to Arya. Later, Jende tries to stop Arya from going to Anu’s place. But Arya does not pay any heed to him.

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In today’s episode, Padma decides that she can only talk to Arya in the absence of Anu and Subbu. So, she sends Anu to buy food items. She goes to Rajini’s house to ask for dry fruits. Rajini and Raghupathi feel that Padma has ditched them and is arranging another Pelli Choopu for Anu. So, Rajini initially talks sarcastically to Padma. But as Padma reveals her plan, they talk sweetly to her.

Jende gets down midway when a fakir stands in front of their car. The fakir tells Jende that something dark is surrounding Arya and it is best for them to go back. Mira waits for Arya for dinner, dressed in a saree. Arya and Jende reach Anu’s place and see only Padma. Initially, Jende refuses to sit with Arya. But when Padma says that workers mustn’t sit next to their bosses, Jende drags a chair and sits behind.

Arya, Jende and Padma in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya, Jende and Padma in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

Padma brings water for them. Jende stops Arya from drinking and says that he wants to test it. Padma throws another puzzle at Jende, while Arya asks him to relax. Then even Arya starts to make fun of Jende. Later, Padma comes to the point and tells them that she wants to talk about Anu’s marriage. Jende tries to stop her, but Padma goes on to ask if they already know about Anu and Sampath’s wedding. This gives Arya a bad shock. Raghupathi eavesdrops on their conversation.

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