No 1 Kodalu 29 January 2020 Preview: Rahul Takes Teja To Meet Peddayyina

In the upcoming episode of No 1 Kodalu, Rahul goes to Peddayyina and wakes him up to meet Teja. Read more here

Rahul and Teja in No 1 Kodalu

In the previous episode of No. 1 Kodalu, the doctor tells Sarsu not to worry. Soon, Chinni gains consciousness and Rahul understands that he does not have a chance to talk to Sarsu. Shyamala tells her husband that she wants to be Vagdevi’s relative only to torture her every day. When Ekambaram tells the truth about his visit, Nagamani connects the dots and decides to let go of Ekamabaram. Later, Rahul goes in search of Ekambaram, but meets Teja before seeing Ekambaram in a boat.

Watch the previous episode here:

In the upcoming episode, Rahul takes Teja home from the front door this time. He asks Peddayyina’s helper to step aside and asks Teja to not talk at all. He wakes Peddayyina up from his nap to introduce Teja to him.

Peddayyina and his helper in No 1 Kodalu
Peddayyina and his helper in No 1 Kodalu

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