No 1 Kodalu 28 February 2020 Written Update: Sarsu Tells Everything To Shyamala

In this episode of No 1 Kodalu, Sarsu assumes that Shyamala is a friend of Vagdevi and could help her in reuniting them. Read the full update here.

Sarsu in No 1 Kodalu

Earlier in No. 1 Kodalu, Sarsu guesses everyone in Rahul’s family photo and wishes that Peddayyina finds a place in that picture soon. Rahul tells her to lower her expectations. When Vagdevi asks Arunbabu to play safe and sweet in front of Shyamala and her family, he slyly drops comments and leaves. Rahul takes Sarsu to the market place to buy things for Chinni’s pooja, as suggested by the priest.

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In the upcoming episode, a lady goes to Nagamani and tells her that Sarsu and Rahul are in a relationship. Then she adds that she has found a perfect match for Prabha. Nagamani tells her to arrange a meeting, so that she could skip going to Chinni’s pooja. Rahul and Sarsu travel on the bike, when they discuss the ladies who tried to win Rahul’s hand. That’s when Sarsu asks him to stop the bike. She goes inside and keeps her mother’s taali mortgage for some money.

Sarsu takes Rs. 25, 000/- and goes to a printing shop with Rahul. They select a card and get it it designed immediately. Shyamala goes to one of her constituencies as a former MLA and talks to the press about the farmers’ problems.  The constituency happens to be Mahendravaram and Sarsu tries to remember who the lady was. Sarsu remembers seeing Shyamala in her school with Vagdevi. She decides to go and talk to her, in hopes that she could bring Vagdevi to the village.

Sarsu starts following Shyamala’s car. The car does not stop for her, but Sarsu ends up hurting her legs. Finally, Sarsu finds a way to stop the car and smiles when Shyamala rolls down her window. And asks for her problem. Sarsu starts narrating everything and Shyamala decides to use it against her. Sarsu innocently asks Shyamala to help bring Vagdevi and Peddayyina together. Shyamala, too, promises to stay in touch with her.

Shyamala takes the lawyer’s number and narrates her own number to Sarsu, who promises to remember it. She goes back to Rahul and asks him to note the number. Rahul commends her memory power and Sarsu slyly teases him with the names of all the girls that Rahul remembers. Then, they go to a clothing shop where Sarsu hesitates to buy clothes. But Rahul asks her to buy whatever she likes, for Sarsu and her Chinni.

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