No 1 Kodalu 12 March 2020 Preview: Sarsu Finds Peddayyina Unconscious

In the upcoming episode of No 1 Kodalu, Sarsu comes back to her house to see that Peddayyina is lying unconscious. Read more about what happens.

Sarsu and Peddayyina in No 1 Kodalu

Earlier in No. 1 Kodalu, Sarsu recalls her moments with Rahul and wonders why she was thinking of him at such a time. She also wonders if she was scared or nervous about the wedding. Rahul comes to see her and feels surprised, looking at her in a saree. He tells her to take care of Peddayyina since he was heading to Mumbai. Vagdevi agrees to Kanchayini’s proposal to get Maggie and Rahul married.

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In the upcoming episode, Sarsu enters her own house and sees Peddayyina lying unconscious on the floor. She tries to wake him up, but he does not respond.

Sarsu and Peddayyina in No 1 Kodalu
Sarsu and Peddayyina in No 1 Kodalu

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