Mother’s Day Special: 5 On-Screen Telly Mothers That Will Remind You Of You Amma

Friendly or scary, loving or strict, mothers can don any avatar. So which trait of these telly moms match that of your amma?

1. Akilandeswari From Muddha Mandaram: The Emotional One

Akhilandeshwari After The Leap In Muddha Mandaram
Akhilandeshwari in a scene from Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

It’s Mother’s Day and we’ve all been trying to make the perfect plan to surprise our dear mothers. But hey, does your mom also love watching Telugu TV shows? Do you identify her with any of the characters who play mothers in the Telugu serials? Is your mom caring or strict, loving or friendly? Each of our screen moms possess any or either of these traits. We’ve broken down their traits so that you can go, ‘hey, that’s my mom’ even as you read on:

Starting with the most popular telly character — Akhilandeshwari, played by Haritha, in Muddha Mandaram. She can be strict and can leave you on your own. But even the slightest mistake will make her cry oceans and the smallest victory will make her proud of her kids.

2. Bhavani from Muddha Mandaram: The Generous One

Bhavani In Muddha Mandaram
Bhavani in a scene from Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

Bhavana Reddy plays Bhavani in Muddha Mandaram. She is also like every other mother. While Akhilandeshwari keeps everyone in check, Bhavani is the source to let yourself loose. She will sneak in gifts and pocket money and help you keep a secret, too.

3. Brahmini from Ninne Pelladatha: The Hitler Type

Brahmini In Ninne Pelladatha
Brahmini in Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

Brahmini from Ninne Pelladatha is the one who scares everyone. Her children, Madhu and Tanaya, despite being adults, are scared to talk in front of their mother. Maybe not every day, but we’ve all had days when we had to shut up and stay in a corner to avoid mom’s anger.

4. Bharati from Ninne Pelladatha: The Perfect Mother

Sheela Singh In Ninne Pelladatha
Sheela Singh in Ninne Pelladatha (Source: ZEE5)

Bharati, played by Sheela Singh in Ninne Pelladatha, is what we like to call the perfect mother. She yells at you when you’re wrong but will also console you the next moment. She will be your biggest cheerleader and also be your biggest critic. She is perfect. She is your mother!

5. Suchitra Devi from Maate Mantramu: The Silent Saviour

Suchitra Devi In Maate Mantramu
Suchitra Devi in Maate Mantramu (Source: ZEE5)

In Maate Mantramu, Vamsi’s life is haywire. His mother Suchitra Devi decides that he needs to change for the better. But because a grown up and bratty adult will listen to no one, she devises a plan where she can see the change and also not intrude in his life. Well, that’s something that our mothers do, too.

One day just isn’t enough to shower our love on our mothers. But let’s make the most of what we get. Head to ZEE5 and watch beautiful films and shows to rekindle your bond.