Lockdown Talks With Ravi Highlights: From Gully Boyz To Anasuya, A Look At All The Fun

If you missed all the fun Ravi had with our favourite Zee Telugu celebrities, catch up with their pace right now. Read about it here.

Lockdown Talks With Ravi Highlights

Let’s all agree that the lockdown has gone smoothly because we had entertainment on our fingertips. The one person who made sure we laughed until our cheeks hurt is Anchor Ravi. His lockdown special show, Lockdown Talks With Ravi made our weekends better and full of laughter. Last week, Ravi invited a bunch of amazing guests. If you missed out on their journey, catch up with everything here:

Episode 7: Gully Boyz Special

In this episode, Ravi brought Saddam, Bhaskar and Yadamma Raju together. We have been seeing this bunch of crazy comedians on Adhirini for quite some time now. They have broken several records and have never failed to make us laugh. Similarly, this episode was filled with the three boys pulling each other’s leg and understanding statements the way that suits them.

Lockdown Talks With Ravi With Gully Boyz
Lockdown Talks With Ravi With Gully Boyz (Source: ZEE5)

At one point, the boys tried to convince us and Raju that he had a Chinese lover, for whom he consumed bat soup. Yes, just like you, Raju was scandalised too. Keeping up the tradition of taking a dig at each other, Ravi asked Bhaskar if he ploughed fields for farmers with his teeth. We know that’s not true, but Bhaskar made it sound like it was true. Saddam took every opportunity to crack a joke on Raju and even said that Raju ‘liked’ his watchman.

Episode 8: Anasuya Bharadwaj and Naga Babu

Both the celebs of this episode have carved a niche for themselves in the television world. Ravi chatted with the two, and we must say, it was unlike any other conversations. It was fun, more casual and totally entertaining. Apart from sharing her love and respect for Naga Babu, Anasuya took her time to make fun of Ravi. She also spoke about the importance of immunity and how she performs 500 Kapalabharati every day.

Lockdown Talks With Ravi With Anasuya Bharadwaj and Naga Babu
Lockdown Talks With Ravi With Anasuya Bharadwaj and Naga Babu (Source: ZEE5)

In fact, she also gave us a demo of how we can keep our immunity at its best state during these times. Naga Babu went ahead and busted all the myths and fake news which Ravi brought along. Before leaving, the Shehenshah of comedy also gave us hope that soon everything will fall back into its place. All we have to do is be a little more careful.

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