Birthday Special: 8 Pictures Of Adah Sharma Which Prove She Stuns In Every Look

The gorgeous actor never fails to impress with her adah. No matter what the style is, she slays it like a boss!

1. Getting the basics right

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma makes elegance look easy (Source: Instagram)

In Tollywood, Adah Sharma is a star in her own right. She may have done a handful of films but she has already carved a niche for herself. Adah’s choice of projects are varied. And just like her work, the petite beauty loves to experiment with her looks too. And guess what? She totally slays in every look.

Starting with the basics. In this photo, we see Adah in in an olive green gown with golden embellishments. Her hair is jet black, with messy waves styled perfectly, adding to her elegance.

2. Ditch the blues

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma in blue lowlights (Source: Instagram)

Life can sometimes give you too many lemons or make you feel blue. And while the blues might mess with our moods, Adah simply takes away the blues of her life and gives her hair blue lowlights instead. Cool, right?

3. Edgy Asian avatar

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma in an Asian look (Source: Instagram)

Adah loves goofing around. For a photo shoot, the actor transformed herself into an ancient Asian warrior. She donned a Japanese-inspired outfit, a high bun and golden pumps. The wooden bow and a bunch of arrows gives her that fierce goddess look and we just can’t get enough of it. 

4. Best of both worlds

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma in blue and red hair (Source: Instagram)

Sometime after she made a name for herself with her films, Adah drew our attention to her ever marvellous hair. Can’t decide between blue or red? Why not get both? This look of Adah’s with blue and red hair makes our eyes pop.

5. Going experimental

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma in a pixie cut (Source: Instagram)

For a short phase, Adah chopped off her long luscious hair. Of course, our hearts broke to know it. But we were ecstatic when we saw her new look. She brought in the pixie hair trend and took over the city with her bold choices.

6. Not just a splash

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma rocks the pink hair look

Most of us dread when we think of colouring our hair. Not so our girl Adah. She loves colouring her mane in various shades which are just so hatke. Take a look at her pink hair here. We don’t know too many celebs who can pull off this hue, and that too so well.

8. Colour me purple

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma is slaying the purple hair look (Source: Instagram)

No! That’s not a wig. That’s all real. Her beauty, her perfection and that eye-popping hair colour! Truly Adah ki adah (as she calls herself on Instagram) is not your regular cup of tea. We wonder what new trends she will set next.

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