Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 6 March 2020 Preview: Dharani Asks Duragamma For A Chance

In the upcoming episode of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Dharani asks Durgamma for a chance to solve the problem and find the thief. Read more here.

Dharani in Akka Chellellu

Earlier in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Dharani meets a bunch of students who seeks  financial help. Priyamvada quotes this as yet another scam by Dharani. Shobhan Raju steals the limelight and everyone goes to him. He explains that he will not come home until everyone believes that he is a better man. Dharani gives him a crisp answer when he tries to belittle and scare her. Venkata Lakshmi finds out that the haaram is nowhere to be seen.

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In the upcoming episode, Durgamma asks people to call the police who will help her in finding the haaram again. But Dharani steps in and asks for a chance to find the thief. Durgamma commands that she needs to see the thief and also see the police beat him up.

Durgamma in Akka Chellellu
Durgamma in Akka Chellellu

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