Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 20 July 2019 Written Update: Saiydamma Warns Shravani

In today's episode, Saiydamma warns Shravani for the last time to keep Dharani in check or forget about the wedding. Read the full update here.

Saiydamma in Akka Chellellu

Previously in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya beats up Shanakarayya and his cousins when they try to misbehave with Dharani. Dharani tries to stop him, but he does not listen to her. In the meantime, Saiydamma sees this and walks up to them. She asks Aditya to stop and he stops slapping Shankarayya. Aditya warns everyone to not mess with Dharani and tells his tailor to be aware of them.

In today’s episode, Mallesh and Yadagiri provoke Aditya and leave. Saiydamma brings Dharani and Shankarayya to her house and starts calling out for Shravani and Narayana. Shravani walks out and tries to calm her down. But Saiydamma tells Shravani to sort out Dharani’s character before taking the wedding plans ahead. Shravani asks what was wrong and Saiydamma responds by telling her to ask Dharani herself. Shankarayya defends Dharani. Saiydamma narrates the whole scenario as per her understanding, and questions Aditya’s interference. She exaggerates the situation and asks them to come to a conclusion.

In complete rage, Narayana slaps Dharani and tells Saiydamma that she needs no wedding or celebrations. She must be killed and he must die for giving birth to such a girl. Just then, Narayana suffers a stroke and when Dharani tries to come close, he pushes her away. Shravani starts thinking that although Narayana said no to the wedding, she cannot let that happen because Aditya might take this opportunity and marry Dharani. If that happens, Shravani could never live like a queen. Dharani explains her part of the story, but Narayana wouldn’t have any of it.

Narayana in Akka Chellellu
Narayana in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu (Source: ZEE5)

Shravani defends Dharani’s point of view for the sake of getting rid of her and ruining her life. Godavari asks what was the problem exactly and Shankarayya explains the real situation. Saiydamma gives a final warning to Shravani and leaves. Narayana and Godavari start arguing about morality and interference on Aditya and Shankarayya’s part. Narayana threatens to die because of Dharani. Dharani explains her situation and pleads for forgiveness (for the mistakes she didn’t do) but Narayan kicks her away. Godavari consoles Dharani but Shravani warns her and leaves.

The next day, Dharani is walking on the streets with her mind occupied with all the past incidents. Eventually, she faints on the road. A few women around gather to help her. Dharani regains consciousness and decides to pray to the goddess to fulfil her as suggested by the women. Once again, Dharani prays for the wedding to take place smoothly with an aartikarpuram lit on her palm. But Aditya comes and places his palm upon hers to blow away the aartikarpuramHe helps heal Dharani’s palm and asks her to think about her own good.

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