Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 11 December 2019 Episode Preview: Aditya Screams At Dharani

In the upcoming episode of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya screams and asks Dharani to go back to their house before he returns. Read more here

Aditya in Akka Chellellu

Earlier in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Priyamvada and the lawyer wait for Aditya and the family to travel in the car with no brakes. They follow them in another vehicle. Soon, Priyamvada realises that the lawyer’s plan has failed and there will be no accident. She asks the lawyer to slow down their vehicle, only to find out that they are sitting in the car without brakes. They meet with a minor accident and suffer a few injuries. Dharani helps Priyamvada in going back home only to reveal that she has beaten the latter in her own game.

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In the upcoming episode, Dharani comes inside the room, brimming with happiness, and hugs Aditya. She tells him that they can soon reveal their identities and mingle with the family. This makes Aditya furious like never before and he lashes out at Dharani. He tells her to go back to their house as soon as possible and he will follow once he is done with the wedding here.

Dharani in Akka Chellellu
Dharani in Akka Chellellu

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