8 Scenes From Nagarjuna And Nani’s Devadas To Complete Your Laughter Dose For The Day

Are the mid-week blues hitting you too hard? Then you have landed at the right place. These scenes from the Telugu hit will make you laugh out loud.

1. The flying entry

Nani In Devadas
Nani in Devadas (Source: ZEE5)

Nagarjuna and Nani’s 2018 hit film, Devadas, was a blockbuster for all the right reasons. From making us emotional to making us laugh out loud — the Telugu film did everything so well. Let’s look at eight of the many scenes that make us giggle, even when we just look at the stills.

Nani as Dr Das is the first character to be introduced. In the middle of a heavy traffic jam, a man looks for a doctor and our dear Dr Das is more than happy to help. He makes his way into the wrong car and gets a flying kick which reveals his face. “push. push. push” *boom*

2. Claim for the place

Nani with Adhurs Raghu In Devadas
Nani with Adhurs Raghu In Devadas

After losing the job in an ace hospital, Das has to fight the local goons to claim the place that was once a hospital. The goons come closer and closer to intimidate but all thanks to Dr Das’ English and his compounder Jacket that the conversation was funny and not scary.

3. Don turned doctor

Nagarjuna and Nani With Naresh In Devadas
Nagarjuna and Nani With Naresh In Devadas

During one hung-over morning, Deva finds himself in Das’ apartment. Das tells his folks that Deva is a sexologist and they need to rush to the clinic. But Deva being Deva wanted to relax with the family. What follows are a bunch of questions related to Das’ elder brother’s sex life to which Deva does *not* hesitate to answer.

4. The decision that lasts a few moments

Nani with Sathya In Devadas
Nani with Sathya In Devadas

At one point, feeling offended by the response of people to his newly opened clinic, Das decides its time to leave and enter another bigger hospital. He takes his degrees and steps out but forgets everything and steps back inside, because the girl of his dreams was looking for a doctor outside his clinic, basically looking out for him.

5. The physics lesson

Nani with Raghu In Devadas
Nani with Raghu In Devadas

Once when the goons try to take the place from the poor Dr Das, Deva the don comes to rescue. No, do not expect a fight sequence. But a physics lesson maybe! Deva asks if the goon knows which model his gun is and whats the bullet size, the goons falls speechless to know that there’s more to guns than just killing people. An important but also an extremely funny conversation.

6. The rejection

Naresh Satya and Nani In Devadas
Naresh, Satya and Nani in Devadas

A few days into the daily meet and greet at the hospital, Das decides that it is time to take the matter ahead and visits Pooja’s house, played by Rashmika. Instead of asking for the girl’s hand, both families end up in covering and discovering the hidden truths.

7. The fear

Nagarjuna and Akanksha In Devadas
Nagarjuna and Akanksha In Devadas

What happens when the don has to go on a date with his long-term crush? Even Nagarjuna’s character Deva falls weak in his knees. The constant adjusting on the seat and nervous gulps of water, make it evident that there’s only so much heroism in men. In front of their women, ain’t nobody got a chance.

8. C-Block

Venu And Nani In Devadas
Venu and Nani in Devadas (Source: ZEE5)

On the first day in the hospital as a new joinee, Das is told to handle C-block. Little did he know that the C-Block is the morgue. The poor doctor encounters a sobbing family and a man on the stretcher. Immediately, Das tries to help but… you might want to witness it yourself.

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