7 Things To Do If You Are Travelling To Budapest Like Srimanthudu Star Shruti Haasan

From romantic river cruises to stunning architecture and soaking in the nightlife, there are a ton of things you can do at the Hungarian capital.

1. Go to Castle Hill

castle-hill budapest
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We think one of the best things about being a star is that you get to travel, a lot – be it for shoots or endorsements or just plain fun travel – life is always fun. Like Srimanthudu star Shruti Haasan. One day she is in Delhi, the next day she is in Dharamsala and then before you can even keep up, she has flown to Budapest. Are you planning to visit the Hungarian capital just like her? We got you a list of seven must-do things that you should mark in your itinerary.

Castle Hill is limestone plateau which is spread over a kilometre. It’s 170 m above the river Danube and houses some of the most important museums and medieval monuments of the city. It has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site and has a 28-km long network of caves below it which have been formed by thermal springs. It is divided into the Old Town which was inhabited by the commoners and the Royal Palace.

2. Check out the Chain Bridge

chain bridge budapest
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This gorgeous suspension bridge, which was thrown open in 1849, connects Buda (West) to Pest (East). Walk from one end of the bridge to another, taking in spectacular views of the river Danube. Come back with loads of Instagram-worthy photos.

3. The boat trip

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A pretty river calls for a cruise, does it not? Sign up for a cruise down the Danube at night. With the city lit up at both sides and the city’s major attractions on the way, this is the perfect way to spend an evening with your loved ones.

4. Visit the Great Synagogue

jewish synagogue
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You can’t help but get mesmerised by the stunning architecture of the Great Synagogue. It is Europe’s largest synagogue and the second largest in the world and also houses the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives as well as the Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial.

5. Gobble some Langos

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You can’t leave Budapest without munching on this traditional Hungarian snack. This deep-fried bread shaped like a croissant is normally slathered in cream cheese and garlic along with Bolognaise sauce. Because bread and cheese? Yes please!

6. Party at Szimpla Kert

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This is THE party place. If you are a party animal, you cannot miss checking out Szimpla Kert in the Jewish Quarter. This iconic ruin pub pretty much set nightlife standards in the city when it opened in 2001. A large, almost run-down building, a mish-mash of rooms, edgy artwork – that’s how this bar is summed up. Down a shot of the traditional Hungarian herbal liqueur Unicum for some of the best memories.

7. The Parliament House

hungarian parliament
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It is one of the most famous landmarks of the city and hence one you should not forget to visit. It has 691 rooms (no kidding!) and is built in the Gothic Revival style, meaning it looks plain outstanding. That apart, it is home to some great artwork. Get a guide!

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