7 Lead Characters Who Totally Owned These 7 Scenes In The ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D.

They are the characters who grabbed eyeballs during this seven-episode series. Here are some exciting moments featuring them.

1. Hasvanth's dirty little secret

Hashvanth in NERD
(Source: ZEE5)

The latest ZEE5 Original series, N.E.R.D. — Neither Either Really Dead, is a murder mystery. One after the other, six girls go missing and the common point is the same boy, Hasvanth. How he is related to each of the girls and how he is reliable for their death, is the crux of the story. The bunch of fresh faces featuring in the lead characters, they surely have done a great job.

During the climax, the leading man, Hasvanth, reveals his secrets, his plans and plots, his connections and unthinkable allies that he creates. It’s safe to say that here, we all had goosebumps rising.

2. Yogitha's way of dealing with parents' divorce

Yogitha In NERD
Yogitha In NERD

In her second scenes, Yogitha talks to Hasvanth about dealing with parents who decided to go their separate ways long ago. Her conviction about staying close to both, although in different ways, and leading a life that becomes the new normal is worth applauding.

3. Rahasya's reasons to take the day off

Namrata Darekar And Hasvanth In ZEE5 Original NERD
Namrata Darekar And Hasvanth In ZEE5 Original NERD

Rahasya is the regular IT professional who does not believe in living life in the old mundane ways. One day, she decides to take a day off at work only because the house is hers to rule and her parents are out on a vacation. Sounds too silly? Well, that’s Rahasya’s best bet at living a carefree life.

4. Arogya's approach to situations

Arogya In NERD
Arogya In NERD

During one of the gym sessions, two men begin fighting like ruffians because they want to use the same equipment. Everyone else in the gym is busy doing their work but also catch a few glimpses and enjoy the tamasha that’s going on. Arogya isn’t someone who’s going to stand in the crowd, fearlessly she steps up to take charge of the situation, like a true boss lady.

5. Vihaari's charm is a mystery

Vihaari In NERD

Right from their first meeting in the shared cab, Hasvanth has a smile that does not bid goodbye when he is around Vihaari. Every time she speaks, walks or even looks at him, Hasvanth fails to control his smile. Why? Watch it to know it.

6. Annapurna's open attempt

NERD Stills
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Even in today’s day and age, people are hush-hush about their feelings and desires. In a situation like that, Annapurna openly gives hints to Hasvanth about her feelings for him. Commendable, right?

7. The cop's sweet rage

Arjun Ambati In ZEE5 Original NERD
Arjun Ambati In ZEE5 Original NERD

Not one but we have two scenes for this character. The police inspector, Arjun Ambati, who is in charge of the missing girls’ case, displays his sweet rage in ways that will make you tremble. He approaches his suspects with a smile that assures them everything will be fine. But then, with one swift blow, he unleashes his rage – and we take a step back.

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