6 Scenes From The Feel-Good Superhit Oh My Friend That Are A Reality Check

It's entertaining and emotional, but the Shruti Haasan and Siddharth-starrer also has a lot many messages which every millennial will relate to.

1. Hobbies can be careers

A Still From Oh My Friend Film
A still from Oh My Friend (Source: ZEE5)

The 2011 superhit film, Oh My Friend, which stars Shruti Haasan and Siddharth in the lead roles, remains relevant even today. The film talks about two childhood friends and their families who all stay together and live a happy life.

In the film, Siddharth’s character Chandu aspires to be a musician. When he returns home from Mumbai with a guitar instead of an MBA degree, his father taunts him. But Shruti’s character Siri explains that careers can be made out of anything if a person is talented.

2. The father-son alter ego is real

A Still From Oh My Friend Film ft. Siddharth and Tanikella Bharani
Siddharth and Tanikella Bharani in a scene from the film (Source: ZEE5)

One night when Chandu’s father’s bike stops working, Chandu steps in and helps his father take the bike home. And as he pushes the bike with his might, his father carries Chandu’s guitar. Although most people would deny, the father-son relationship is the most unique of all. They may hate each other or not talk properly, yet they consider each other to be their biggest pride.

3. Confusions aren't always bad

A Still From Oh My Friend Film ft. Siddharth and Hansika Motwani
Hansika Motwani and Siddharth in the film (Source: ZEE5)

In Oh My Friend, Hansika Motwani’s character Ritu is someone who can never take any decision, even if that is to save her life. To an extent, Chandu is the same. His father keeps complaining about how he needs to have clarity in life. But guess what? Confusions aren’t always the bad thing. They can also be the best!

4. Fights don't mean the end

A Still From Oh My Friend Film ft. Shruti Haasan and Siddharth
A still from Oh My Friend featuring Siddharth and Shruti Haasan (Source: ZEE5)

Every relationship goes through a rough patch and has its own share of fights, too. But it should not end just because of a fight. In the film, after a heated argument and almost ending the friendship, Siri reminds Chandu of a simple line which she had told him when they first met as a child, ‘Maa gang lo aadanista, friends?’ (I’ll let you play with my gang if we become friends). This makes him smile and forget everything else. More often than not, that’s all that we need — something simple to make us smile and stay.

5. Secrets keep us closer

A Still From Oh My Friend Film ft. Shruti Haasan and Siddharth In The Park
Shruti Haasan and Siddharth in a moment from the film (Source: ZEE5)

Most of us convert our fears into our deepest and darkest secrets. This is because we’re constantly afraid of being subjected to people’s judgements. But there are people who look out for you and have your back even during the worst situations. Secrets are truly what keeps us closer.

6. A boy and a girl can be friends

A Still From Oh My Friend Film ft. Siddharth and Shruti
A moment from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Last and definitely THE MOST important! Over the years, books, films and stories have tried to stop us from believing that a boy and a girl can be friends. And that is exactly why Oh My Friend stands out as a milestone movie. Because it proves that a boy and a girl can be only friends, for life.

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