6 Scenes From Nannu Dochukunduvate That Will Tickle Your Funny Bones

Need a refreshing break from daily routine? Let the Sudheer Babu-starrer superhit comedy crack you up.

1. Kartik loves Siri

A Still From Nannu Dochukundavate
Sudheer Babu Posani and Nasser in Nannu Dochukundavate (Source: ZEE5)

If you are looking for a film that can entertain you just like a masala movie yet is a little different, Nannu Dochukunduvate should be your pick. The Telugu film revolves around two people (played by Nabha Natesh and Sudheer Babu), who are polar opposites, and fall in love in the weirdest manner. And their manner of falling in love will make you go ROFL.

In Nannu Dochukunduvate, Kartik (played by Sudheer Babu) is a workaholic who has no life outside work. On being pressurised for marriage, he tries to tackle the situation by informing his father about his love for Siri – the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of his iPhone.

2. Meghna rejects and then begs for the offer

A Still From Nannu Dochukundavate
Nabha Natesh in Nannu Dochukundavate (Source: ZEE5)

Kartik’s friend and colleague has been deployed to find a girl who would act as Kartik’s Siri for a few days. His friend finds Meghna, a short-film actor. After listening to the script, which actually is a real-life situation, Meghna rejects the offer and leaves. But then her landlord tries to take away her bike and she is reminded of all the bills she has yet to pay. And that makes Meghna go back and plead for the job, in a manner that will make you laugh till your tummy hurts.

3. House help finally meets Siri

A Still From Nannu Dochukundavate
A still from Nannu Dochukundavate (Source: ZEE5)

Kartik’s house help sees him speak to ‘Siri’ on the phone every day. When Meghna introduces herself as ‘Siri — Software Engineer’, he is excited to finally see the person who Kartik has apparently been talking to.

4. Kartik tries to act in Meghna’s short film

A Still From Nannu Dochukunduvate
Sudheer Babu in a scene from Nannu Dochukunduvate (Source: ZEE5)

Kartik, the geek, is requested to act as Meghna’s lover in one of the short films. He agrees to do it and goes on to deliver the dialogues. He’s stiff at first but with suggestions from the director, he tries to enact, with emotions, etc. And this entire process will crack you up for sure.

5. Harsha’s reaction to Kartik’s 'iconic' performance

A Still From Nannu Dochukundavate
A moment from Nannu Dochukundavate (Source: ZEE5)

Harsha is the director of Meghna’s short film. He is the one responsible for asking Kartik to act. And after witnessing Kartik’s performance, Harsha starts contemplating where any of nine rasas were in his performance. And the way he does that is just so funny.

6. Meghna takes Kartik’s house help to her college

A Still From Nannu Dochukundavate
A scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Kartik and Meghna need to attend a wedding together, as requested by his father. Meghna cannot deny but she needs an adult to help her ask for leaves from college. She smartly makes Kartik’s house help pretend to be her uncle. When they go to meet the principal, he asks her to leave them alone and what follows is only left to our imagination!

Nannu Dochukunduvate will make you giggle, laugh out loud, cry and leave you feeling satisfied just like Allari Naresh’s Brother of Bommalli. You can watch more such films on ZEE5.