5 Reasons You Must Watch Ram Pothineni And Rakul Preet-Starrer Pandaga Chesko

The duo gives powerhouse performances. Their coming together is like a treat and a half. Here's why you must watch this hit Telugu drama

1. Ram and Rakul

Ram Pothineni Rakulpreet Singh In Pandaga Chesko
A scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Pandaga Chesko, the 2015 action-drama starring Ram Pothineni, Rakulpreet Singh and Sonal Chauhan in the lead roles is a joyride. And to take this joyride you need not look further. With time, this film becomes fine like wine. Enjoy it today, tomorrow or on the weekend. Pandaga Chesko can be your go-to stress-buster on ZEE5.

Ram and Rakul are both powerhouse performers. When they come together, the party gets going. Pandaga Chesko is no different. Don’t miss this one.

2. Sonal Chauhan

Sonal Chauhan and Brahmanandam In Pandaga Chesko
Sonal Chauhan and Brahmanandam In Pandaga Chesko

Bollywood beauty Sonal Chauhan plays the second lead in Pandaga Chesko. She is a smarty, bossy, and total a total badass. Watching her on the screen slay the day and struggle through the language is a treat to watch.

3. Villains aka comic reliefs

Men In Pandaga Chesko
Men In Pandaga Chesko

We have Sathyaraj, Raghu Babu, Brahmaji, Sai Kumar and more who pose as a threat to the love story, at some point in the film. But their characterisations sum up to be a comic relief more than a scary villain.

4. Tale of sisterhood

Women In Pandaga Chesko
Women In Pandaga Chesko

An important message conveyed in the film is that of sisterhood. After hating on each other for over 25 years, when the ladies come together they all accept their mistakes and apologise to each other. Finally, they become a closer-knit gang than the men, who happen to be brothers by blood.

5. All things masaledar

Ram Pothineni Sonal Chauhan Rakulpreet Singh In Pandaga Chesko
Ram Pothineni, Sonal Chauhan and Rakul Preet Singh in Pandaga Chesko (Source: ZEE5)

Yes! The film has what we want and more. Spicy dialogues, catchy songs, some groundbreaking action and a whole lot of fun. So, what are you waiting for? Pandaga Chesko awaits you on ZEE5.

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