5 Reasons Why You Must Watch The Action Drama Nakshatram On ZEE5

The 2017 flick still manages to strike a chord with the patriot in us. Along with all the action, it also boasts of power-packed performances.

1. Full of action

Still from Nakshatram
A still from Nakshatram (Source: ZEE5)

The 2017 action drama, Nakshatram, is true to its genre. The film features Sai Dharam Tej, Sundeep Kishan, Pragya Jaiswal, Regina Cassandra and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. Even two years after its release, Nakshatram strikes the perfect chord with your inner patriot.

The hit Telugu movie is the story of those working in the Indian Police Service (IPS). Given its police background, the film delivers enough and exciting action sequences throughout. Bombs, fights, breaking bones, whatever ever you taste may be, there’s a hint of it in this film.

2. Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra's chemistry

Sundeep Kishan And Regina Cassandra
Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra in the film (Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

The film primarily revolves around Sundeep’s character Rama Rao. Keeping him company, through good and bad times, is his mardal Jamuna, played by Regina Cassandra. Despite repeating the same old bava-mardal jazz in the film, Rama Rao and Jamuna manage to keep things real and relatable for all couples.

3. Handsome hunk Sai Dharam Tej

Still from Nakshatram ft. Sai Dharam Tej
Sai Dharam Tej in Nakshatram (Source: ZEE5)

Popular Tollywood actor Sai Dharam Tej has been on a success streak since the beginning. The actor perfectly blends in with his characters. Nakshatram is no different. In one frame he is a diligent police officer, romancing his girlfriend in the next and yet managing to break bones seamlessly in the moment after. Seamlessly at that!

4. Pragya Jaiswal setting new standards

Still from Nakshatram ft. Pragya Jaiswal As IPS Officer Kiran Reddy
Pragya Jaiswal as IPS officer Kiran Reddy (Source: ZEE5)

Pragya Jaiswal is seen as the effortless shape-shifter in Nakshatram. In one scene, we see her as a runway model and a thief, and then it is finally revealed that she is an IPS officer. When she’s walking the ramp, there’s nothing more glamourous than her and when she is on duty, there’s is no one more badass than her.

5. All things Prakash Raj

A Still From Nakshatram Film Ft. Prakash Raj As IPS Parushuramaiah
Prakash Raj plays the role of IPS Parushuramaiah in the movie (Source: ZEE5)

It goes without saying that veteran actor Prakash Raj can make everything better with his mere presence. Nakshatram gets better with each of his dialogues. He plays the role of IPS Parashuramaiah, who is senior to everyone else in the police force. From teaching lessons to his son, saving a person’s dignity to answering the home minister, Prakash Raj makes it all powerful.

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