5 Reasons That Make Amala Akkineni’s High Priestess The Perfect Weekend Watch

Here's why you shouldn't miss the yesteryear actress' digital debut in the ZEE5 Original series

1. Amala Akkineni As The Lead

Amala Akkineni In High Priestess
Amala Akkineni makes her web series debut with High Priestess (Source: ZEE5)

ZEE5 Original web series High Priestess has us all excited. One of the most important, if not the only, reasons for the excitement is its central character. Tollywood superstar and popular South Indian actor Amala Akkineni returns as the main lead after years.

In High Priestess, she plays the role of Swathy Reddy who helps people solve mysterious cases with her extraordinary psychic abilities and tarot card readings.

2. Amala Akkineni's Digital Debut

Amala Akkineni In High Priestess
Amala Akkineni in High Priestess (Source: ZEE5)

The legendary Akkineni family has been reigning in the Telugu film industry for generations. While Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Akhil and Samantha have been ruling the 70mm screens, Amala Akkineni is the first one from the family to set foot in the digital world. During the press conference for High Priestess, she said that the digital medium is the way forward for storytelling. In an interview with ZEE5, she said that she watches a lot of web series and feels that on an OTT platform, everyone finds something they are looking for.

3. Layered And Intense Character

A Still From High Priestess Amala And Her Case
Amala Akkineni in a scene from High Priestess (Source: ZEE5)

In High Priestess, she plays Swathy, a seasoned tarot card reader who has extraordinary psychic abilities. She has dedicated her life to helping people overcome issues in all areas of their lives. In the trailer, we even see her interacting with supernatural beings. But Swathy also seems to have an ordinary life.

4. Exploring Supernatural Concepts

Amala Akkineni In ZEE5 Original High Priestess
A still from High Priestess (Source: ZEE5)

We have seen ghosts, spirits and other unnatural beings in films time and again. But in High Priestess, you can explore the genre of supernatural beings in a new light. The trailer has already given us a glimpse that confirms that the idea of this show isn’t to scare people but to explore new territories.

5. Introduction To Tarot Cards

Amala Akkineni In High Priestess As Swathi Reddy
Amala Akkineni in High Priestess as Swathy Reddy (Source: ZEE5)

While there are plenty of films that explore thriller, horror and supernatural genres, none of them explore the art of tarot cards. High Priestess mainly focuses on this very art. In fact, even the title of this show is derived from the name of the second highest card in the deck of tarot cards, the high priestess.

Watch High Priestess on ZEE5.