5 Comedy Films That Will Help You Laugh Out Loud At Your Mid-Week Blues

The wise once said laughter is the medicine. If you're suffering from mid-week blues, we've some happiness pills for you right here on ZEE5

1. Taxiwaala


It won’t be wrong to say that a lot of us suffer from mid-week blues when we feel that work has become mundane and the only thing that keeps us going is the endless wait for the weekend. But how about taking a humourous approach to battle the syndrome? After all, laughter is the best medicine. So tune into these films and kick out ’em bad vibes.

If you thought that that the sensational hero, Vijay Devarakonda is good for mainstream roles, try watching Taxiwaala . It’ll prove that this versatile actor can play the underdog as well as the massy hero with aplomb. Not to forget, it has an interesting plotline and oodles of comedy.

2. Kanchana 3

Devadarshini and Kovai Sarala In Kanchana 3
Devadarshini and Kovai Sarala in Kanchana 3 (Source: ZEE5)

The third installation from Raghava Lawrence Muni’s franchise, titled Kanchana 3, is the perfect example of a horror comedy. You won’t stop laughing until your stomach hurts, thanks to the cast’s impeccable acting and hilarious dialogues.

3. Nannu Dochukundavate

Nabha Natesh As Meghna In Nannu Dochukunduvate
Nabha Natesh and Sudheer Babu Posani in Nannu Dochukunduvate (Source: ZEE5)

We’ve got some serious issues with the makers of Nannu Dochukundavate which features Sudheer Babu and Nabha Natesh. How dare you label it as a romantic flick when it works so perfectly as a comedy. There are actors and scenes in the film that will make you ROFL, pinky promise.

4. Dhrusti

Rahul and Kishore In Dhrusti
Rahul and Vennela Kishore In Dhrusti (Source: ZEE5)

Ram Abbaraju‘s directorial debut is ZEE5 Original film Dhrusti. The basis of the film is a mysterious murder which follows up with more mysterious murders. But the film is an out-and-out entertainer with its funny punches and light-hearted comedy.


ABCD Stills
A still from ABCD (Source: ZEE5)

Once there was a cute kid who made his way to almost every other Telugu release and made a mark in the industry at a tender age. That little boy has now grown up into a handsome teenager and still exudes the same charm. Yes, we’re talking about Master Bharath. Watching him as Allu Sirish’s BFF in American Born Confused Desi is a whole treat.

If you still haven’t found your happy pill, you might find it somewhere here on ZEE5.