5 Best Scenes From Nara Rohit And Isha Talwar-Starrer Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

This superhit Telugu movie isn't quite like the regular masala dramas. It has everything you need and more. Read on to know why.

1. The unexpected truth

Taraka Ratna in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe
Taraka Ratna in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe (Source: ZEE5)

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is an entertaining film with many unexpected twists and turns. It stars actor-director-producer Nara Rohit along with Isha Talwar. Taraka Ratna plays the lead antagonist and we see Srinivas Avasarala in an important supporting role.

You know the film is interesting when its opening scene has you shocked and surprised. We see Taraka Ratna as a common man waiting to buy vegetables at a reasonable price at the market. In the next five minutes, we find out that he is actually a scary criminal, Manik.

2. The introduction of Raja

A Still From Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Nara Rohit
A still from Raja Cheyyi Vesthe starring Nara Rohit (Source: ZEE5)

Time and again we have seen the hero being introduced in a larger-than-life manner. In Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, just when you start to believe that it would be the same too, the movie springs a surprise. The hero here is introduced with sarcastic comments by his friends.

3. Expressing his love

Rohit And Isha In Raja Cheyyi Vesthe
Nara Rohit and Isha Talwar in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe (Source: ZEE5)

In films, you may have seen heroes mostly proposing to girls with ease, and sometimes they can be nervous too. But have you ever seen a hero on the verge of tears when it’s his ultimate chance to profess his love to the girl of his dreams? Well, that’s how unique Raja Cheyyi Vesthe is.

4. Heroism gone wrong

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Scene
A scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Where’s the fun if the hero gets beaten up and then gets back up to finish the game? The real fun is in Raja Cheyyi Vesthe when Raja does something heroic (well, stealing a little puppy) and succeeds in the first attempt. Too easy, right? Yes! That’s why he decides to hit the owner of the puppy and this turns into a Tom and Jerry kind of fight.

5. A love story stemming from revenge

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Still
A moment from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Love at first sight? Nah! That’s so done and dusted. In Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, the love story is a plan and has a larger cause all along. In this film, the hero is the one chosen to kill a scary criminal. But unlike other heroes, Raja doesn’t just pick up his gun and chase the villain. He refuses to do it because he’s scared. He researches, makes a plan and finally executes it.

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