4 Reasons Why Besties Are So Important, Ask Oh My Friend Star Shruti Haasan

The untold fact is, it would be a lot harder to be happy if we didn’t have our BFFs by our sides. The actor loves to appreciate this bond.

1. Heartfelt appreciation

Shruti Haasan with BFF
Shruti Haasan with her BFF (Source: Instagram)

Life goes on without pausing for everyone or anything. You can’t help but go with the flow. More often than not, you will find yourself looking out for someone and looking up to something that would bring in a change. More often than not, it takes just one person to make everything better. And that person is your BFF. Shruti Haasan’s Oh My Friend gave us a reality check about what friendship really is. A dig at her Instagram feed has given us more reasons why our BFFs are the most important.

Appreciation may come from many sources. Some fake, some formalities and some are plain words. But when your BFF appreciates you, that’s when you know you have crossed a benchmark.

2. Sister Before Misters

Shruti Haasan with friends
Shruti Haasan with her friends (Source: Instagram)

This goes without saying! This picture of Shruti with her BFFs is the loudly-spoken reality of all our lives. Yes, nothing matters more than the company of our sisters from different mothers.

3. All time motivation

Shruti Haasan with friends
Shruti Haasan with one of her friends (Source: Instagram)

As we said, it’s your best friend who guides you towards the light at the end of the tunnel. At your lowest in life, it wouldn’t take a second thought but the first call will directly go to your best friend’s number. What magic is this? Nobody knows. But we can’t live without them. That’s all we know.

4. No judgements

Shruti Haasan with friends
Shruti Haasan with friends (Source: Instagram)

Life could give you endless lemons. While you’re done trying to gather them, simply throw a lemonade party with your BFFs. Does it get any better? Let us know, too! The only place on the whole wide world where we can unmask our true personalities and embrace our inner crazy is with our bestie.

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