1500 Episodes And 5 Years! One Last Goodbye To The Ghattammaneni Family Of Muddha Mandaram

We did not see this coming! Everything that begins has to end. And it's time to bid goodbye to the long-running show, Muddha Mandaram

Muddha Mandaram

Time really flies! It wasn’t a long time ago when we started to know the Ghattammaneni family of Muddha Mandaram. The powerful and graceful Akhilandeswari, her ever-supporting husband Shiva Shankar, her two kids, Deva and Mahi and their respective wives, Parvathi and Aishwarya. There were many people that we did not like such as Bhavani, Neelambari and Achamamba. The serial was replete with several ups, downs, twists and turns and numerous angles such as the reincarnation and Abhi and Soundarya’s love story. All that has been a part of our lives for close to five years is now gone and has become a memory!

Watch the ‘last’ episode of Muddha Mandaram here:

It isn’t an easy task to entertain people. And, keeping them entertained and hooked for 1500 episodes, is a lot more difficult. But they did it, the Ghattammanenis did it. They successfully took over our time and interest. They became a part of our families, of two whole Telugu-speaking states. The last time we thought it was time for a sad, and untimely goodbye (the death of Deva-Parvathi), we were surprised. But this time, they will not be coming back.

Muddha Mandaram 1500 episode celebration
The cast and crew of Muddha Mandaram celebrate the completion of 1500 episodes

We’re definitely going to miss Deva and Parvathi’s romance, Akhilandeswari powerful demeanour, Abhi and Soundarya’s silly fights, Bhavani’s stupid moves and many more things. Some goodbyes are unexpected, but all goodbyes are inevitable. And, this one is ours! Thankfully, all our favourite characters got the end that they truly deserved. We can put it to rest, peacefully, now. As they say, all the ends well is well.

All thanks to the internet, they will perpetually be with us. Let us know how you are feeling about this end, in the comments section below. We’ll keep revisiting the Ghattammaneni family, in ways possible, and you can read it all here.