1 Plaid Shirt Like Ninne Pelladatha’s Prajwala Is All You Need To Add Style To 6 Outfits

An over-sized plaid shirt is a closet staple and this is the perfect time to get it out! Put it to use, the right way. Wondering how? Let us tell you

Dress it up

Plaid shirt dresses
Plaid shirt dresses

Each one of us has that one plaid shirt we bought and rarely ever used. Because fixing it or styling it is a task. But hey! Not anymore. Recently, in the Zee Telugu show Ninne Pelladatha, Prajwala wore her plaid shirt as a long top over her slim-fit skinny jeans. So, here are six more ways you can rock your over-sized plaid shirt.

Watch the latest episode of the show here:

Take your shirt and wear it like a dress. Add a statement waist-belt to make it stand out. Leave the sleeve cuffs untouched or roll them up to adjust the length. With some dainty jewellery or a cowboy hat, you’re good to go.

Ditch the Cardigan

Plaid shirt cardigan

Wear your favourite solid-coloured dress or a skirt and top. Instead of wearing the overcoats and cardigans, let your plaid shirt hop on, with sleeves rolled up to your forearms. This will make any outfit stand out with a hint of quirkiness.

Underneath Dungaree and Dresses

Plaid shirt under dungaree
Plaid shirt under dungaree

We all have days when wearing a dress feels like too much of an effort. On days like those, pull your plaid shirt out. Wear your dress or your dungaree over it. With this, you will save a whole lot of time finding for the right jewellery and grab along all that gets you in the vibe.

Pair it with a formal skirt

Plaid shirt for formals
Plaid shirt for formals

Plaids have always been considered a casual outfit. But it works great when paired with a formal skirt. Be sure to choose a colour that’s both solid and contrasting to the colour of your shirt. Tuck in the shirt, button-up, cuff your sleeves and add a chic neckpiece. Voila! Fashionista ready.

Going back in time

Plaid shirt styles

During the ‘90s and the early 2000s, from Shah Rukh Khan to R. Madhavan, everyone wore an extra shirt over their t-shirts. Ladies, instead of carrying it over your shoulders, tie it around your waist when you wear a top with boyfriend jeans. This will instantly perk up your outfit.

Cowgirl swag

Plaid shirt cowgirl costume
Plaid shirt cowgirl costume

Bring back the bell-bottom and high-waist denim pants to pair them with your plaid shirt. Tuck it inside or even better, button-up until your midriff and tie a knot or two at the centre. With a cowboy hat and some boots, you’ll be ready to ride along the country roads.

Which look do you like the most? Let us know below. For more, check out the gripping crime-thriller Hawala on ZEE5, streaming now.